International Partners

NCH&Partners Argentina


Patricia Debeljuh

Patricia holds degrees in philosophy (University of Navarra) and industrial relations (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa). She chairs and teaches at the RSE of the EDDE Department. She is the Academic Director of ALENE and works as an Associate Researcher at the Confye Center of the IAE Business School (Austral University).

Más Valores
Contact detailsMás Valores
Neuquén, 546. 1º 6ª. Capital Federal

NCH&Partners Colombia

Sandra Monserrate Idrovo Carlier

Sandra Monserrate Idrovo Carlier

Sandra is the Research Director at INALDE Business School (University of La Sabana), in Colombia. She also chairs and teaches at the Department of Managing People in Organizations at INALDE. Sandra is a consultant in work-life integration issues.

Contact detailsINALDE
Telf. 57 1 315 792 6025

NCH&Partners Guatemala

Hugo Cruz

Hugo Cruz

Hugo holds a degree in philosophy (University Rafael Landívar, Guatemala) and a master’s degree in management and culture of organizations (University of Navarra). He is a specialist in business ethics. Hugo is the Executive Director of the Centro de Investigaciones Humanismo y Empresa at Universidad del Istmo. He is the principal investigator for the FRE© project in Guatemala.

Contact detailsUniversidad del Istmo
Universidad del Istmo, 7a. ave. 3-67, Zona 13, Guatemala, Guatemala
Telf. oficina (00502) 24291430

NCH&Partners Italia

Roberto Sorrenti

Roberto Sorrenti

Roberto is a member of the International Faculty Program at IESE Business School (University of Navarra). He holds a master’s in business administration and organizational development (media & telecommunications industry) from the MIP Politecnico de Milano. He is part of Training Trainers at the SDA Bocconi School of Management. Roberto is also the Head of Development in Consel-Consorzio ELIS (Italy) and the principal investigator for the FRE© project in Italy.

Contact detailsConsel
Via Sandro Sandri, 79 – 00159 – ROMA
Telf. +39 06 43560 353

NCH&Partners Panamá

Rodolfo Caballero

Rodolfo Caballero

Rodolfo holds a master’s degree in family science and parenting training from the University Santa María la Antigua (Panama). He is a consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility. Rodolfo is the executive director and owner of Balance Trabajo y Familia S.A. He serves as Secretary at Metas Presidenciales de la República de Panamá. He is the principal investigator for the FRE© project in Panama.

Contact detailsBalance Trabajo y Familia, S.A.
WTC 08322745. PANAMÁ
Telf. 221-1352

NCH&Partners Canadá

Salvador Rego

Salvador Rego

Salvador holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from McGill, University of Ottawa and University of Toronto. He is co-founder and CEO of the Work & Family Foundation Canada. Salvador is the principal investigator for the FRE© project in Canada.

Work & Family Foundation Canada
Contact detailsWork & Family Foundation Canada (Web)
Telf. (416) 915-4127
2 Bloor St. East, Suite 3500
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4W 1A8

NCH&Partners Venezuela

Sergio Thomas

Sergio Thomas

Sergio holds a degree in civil engineering with a minor in organizational development and project management (Universidad Simón Bolivar). He is Director and Family Counselor at the Insituto Panamericano de Estudios de Familia (IPEF). Sergio is a consultant in the areas of work-family integration, project management, strategy and general management. He is the principal investigator for the FRE© project in Venezuela.

Instituto Panamericano de Estudios de Familia (IPEF)
Contact detailsInstituto Panamericano de Estudios de Familia (IPEF) (Web)
Telf. (+58) 416 – 411.8434
(+58) 212 – 985.9125
Calle Barcelona, Qta. Tacuri. Colinas del Tamanaco.
Zona Postal 1061. Caracas, Venezuela.

NCH&Partners Portugal

Graça Varão

Graça Varão

Married and mother of six children. Graduated in Business Management and
Administration. (UCP – Portuguese Catholic University).
Master in Business Administration and Marketing (Development Systems).
Postgraduated in Business Administration (AESE – Association of Higher Business
Studies in collaboration with IESE Business School). Master in Marriage and Family
(ICF – Institute of Family Sciences – University of Navarra). Program focused on Executive Coaching (IESE – Business School – Navarra University). An executive director in several firms and now consultant in areas as Work-Family Conciliation and Family Coaching


Contact details

Tel. (+351) 21 304 04 84
Tlm. (+351) 96 692 39 39
R. D. Cristóvão da Gama, 16
1400-116 Lisboa

NCH&Partners Philippines

Maria Victoria Caparas

She is an Associate Professor in the University of Asia and the Pacific where she teaches Human Resource Management and Human Behavior in Organizations. Avic received her Ph.D. in Management from University of Navarre (Spain), her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of London (U.K.), and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration summa cum laude from University of the East (Philippines). She is the principal investigator of the FRE project in the Philippines.

Contact Details

University of Asia and the Pacific-School of Management
Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
1605 Philippines
Tel. (632) 6370912 ext. 238

NCH&Partners Mexico


Margarita Castelló de Arregui

Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Master Degree in Family Sciences, and Theological Studies: Marriage and Familiy. Business Studies Course in Chelmsford, UK. IFREI Model Course in ICWF (International Center of Work and Family) at IESE Business School, Barcelona. Member of the State Institute for Women (Jalisco). CEO of Novequim SA de CV. National Representative of NCH & Partners, Mexico. Consultant.

Datos de contacto

Calzada Delicias # 544,
Colonia Álamo Oriente,
45560 Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.
Tel. +52 33 36 42 49 69
Tel. +52 33 36 35 35 06
Mobile phone: +52 33 31 15 90 23
Skype: margaritacastello